GOP congressional candidate rips off Obama and others

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Republican congressional candidate Martin Sepulveda has been taking credit for things he didn't write.

He even copied from Democratic President Barack Obama's economic plan at the same time he was bashing it.

A review of the four-page jobs program Sepulveda released last month reveals a dozen sentences left unattributed even though they appeared somewhere else, first.

For example, Sepulveda writes that he wants to, "implement reforms and regulatory reduction to help entrepreneurs and small businesses attract capitol."

With the exception of one minor word change, the same phrase shows up in the economic plan Obama released about a year ago.

The president wrote in his American Jobs Act that he wants, "reforms and regulatory reduction to help entrepreneurs and small businesses access capitol."

Despite the similarities, Sepulveda says there's no need to cite where he got the information because the idea isn't new. 

"You think this is the president's original thought," Martin said. "I think if you look at this concept it's been out there for a lot of years."

Sepulveda also used lines from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the Republican leaning Heritage Foundation in his highly self-promoted jobs plan.

In another passage from the plan, the Republican politician wrote, "business owners are bogged down by burdensome regulation from Washington that prevent job creation and hinder growth."

The line was used word for word in Cantor's House Republican Plan for America's Job Creators proposal, which was released in May 2011.

Officials with the campaign said a friend of Sepulveda's helped him write the plan. The campaign wouldn't identify who the friend was, but said the unknown author didn't known who Cantor was.

"No one is trying to be intellectually dishonest, this is public domain stuff," Sepulveda said.

Sepulveda is a former Chandler City Councilman and military war veteran who's running in Arizona's new 9th Congressional District, which covers large swaths of east Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe.

He's considered one of the top tier candidates in the crowded GOP primary because of his previous political experience and the money he's raised. Although he not the top fundraiser, he’s raised enough money to stay competitive.

Like other Republicans in Arizona and across the country, Sepulveda has routinely bashed Obama whenever possible.

When he released his economic proposal in mid-June, Sepulveda issued a press release along with it that said, "the economic policies of President Obama have failed the American people."

And this week, Sepulveda published a tweet saying, "Our President is clueless about business."

However, Sepulveda acknowledged during an interview with 3TV that he likes some of Obama's ideas when it comes to the economy as well as foreign policy. It’s a rare statement coming from a Republican politician running for his party’s nomination.

"Obviously if I used that in our plan it made sense," Sepulveda said about the statement he used from Obama's economic proposal. "I'm not going to tell you that everything the president has said and done doesn’t make sense, I'm not going to say that."

Sepulveda says he also supports Obama's plan to with draw American troops from Afghanistan next year. He says the county shouldn't be involved in "nation-building."

"I know, I've been there," said Sepulveda who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Beside those issues, Sepulveda says he's, "diametrically opposed to Obama."