Monsoons to take a break for a few days

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PHOENIX -- It looks like the monsoon will be rather limited over the next couple of days around Arizona. Wednesday afternoon there were only a couple of active storms in eastern and southeastern Arizona, and they were pretty small.

Most of the storms have shifted into New Mexico and northern Mexico as the upper air steering currents pushes the moisture out.

Yet another area of low pressure is bringing us the southwesterly flow and the drier weather, which is pretty unusual for this time of year.

So as we take a break, we’ll also see temperatures running a little bit above normal through the end of the week. That means Valley highs in the 106-110 range. Thunderstorms are back in the forecast beginning Sunday in metro Phoenix.

So far for Monsoon 2012, we’ve had .77 of an inch of rain, which is a bit behind the “average” pace. However, at this time last year we had twice as much rain, but then the monsoon shut down in August and September.

Tucson has had a very active start to the monsoon with more than 4 inches of rain in the month of July, almost doubling their July rainfall averages. And if anything, long range forecasts indicate the monsoon will continue strong in southern Arizona, but sort of be hit-and-miss the rest of the season in the Valley.