Things to never carry in your wallet

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Whether you're eating out, or simply driving around, it's always a good idea to carry your wallet. With that in mind, do you know exactly what's in your wallet? Well, according to some Valley consumers we talked to seemed pretty confident they did.

Well, one thing you don't want to carry in your wallet is spare keys. A lost wallet containing your home address and a spare key to your front door is an invite for burglars. Instead, keep spare keys with a trusted relative or friend.
Another item to keep out of your wallet is receipts. A crafty ID thief can use the limited information on those receipts and merchant information to help fill in the blanks for credit card information.
Passports should never be carried in your purse. It opens up a world of possibilities for an ID thief; they can open up bank accounts in your name or even get a new Social Security card.
And that leads me to the next item to take out of your wallet or purse, your Social Security card. It's probably the worst item you can carry around because once a thief has your name and number, the damage is limitless.
Numerous credit cards in your wallet are a bad idea. The more cards you carry, the more cards you'll have to remember when you lose your wallet. Forgetting to contact just one bank card could be detrimental.
Finally, don't think you're being clever by writing down your ATM pin number and hiding it somewhere in your wallet. Password cheat sheets are one of the first things a thief looks for when rifling through your wallet.