Kerri Walsh on quest for 3rd Olympic gold: 'We're ready and we're gonna do it!'

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PHOENIX -- Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor are back together and ready to hit the sand in hope of winning their third Olympic gold medal in women's beach volleyball. It would be a first in their sport.

Walsh checked in live from London to chat with 3TVs Scott Pasmore, explained that while their competition might be a decade younger, she and May-Treanor -- two-time defending gold medalists -- have the benefit of experience.

"It's huge," she said. "This is our fourth Olympics -- our third together. A lot of our opponents have never been to an Olympic Games before. It could be a little bit overwhelming to them, whereas for us, it's not 'old hat' because the Olympics are huge and you always feel those butterflies, but we've been here. And experience counts for a lot."

But it's not just about experience.

"We're strong. We're fit. We're healthy. We're fast. And we're determined," she said. "So, watch out. ... We're ready. In every single way, we're ready."

The London Olympic Games open Friday.

Beach volleyball rounds start on Saturday, the first official day of Olympic competition, with the bronze- and gold-medal matches scheduled for Olympic Day 12, which is Wednesday, Aug. 8. In their first match, Team USA's Walsh and May-Treanor with take on Australia.

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