Another day of dust with no real rain in the Valley

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- It's a sight we're plenty used to as a thick brown wall of dust fell onto a disappearing downtown skyline Monday afternoon, but there was no rain for the metro area.

"All of a sudden you saw the big wall and then before you know it, it was already on you and you could taste it on your mouth and in your eyes," said Bill Navarro, who was outside replacing a windshield for his job at the time.

And then minutes later, Navarro said the storm passed.

Tina Origlio took her afternoon drive a little earlier with puppy Chance, thinking there would be a thunderstorm coming. Instead, she was forced to clean her car windows of the thin film of dust.

"It was just like thunderstorm clouds but it turned into nothing," said Origlio, disappointed that the promising clouds petered out. "I like thunderstorms, I love the monsoon season, I like to see them coming in and craziness."

Meanwhile at Echo Canyon trail, visitors from out of the country were impressed by the small storm.

"I thought it was rain at first and I went up most of the way and actually a gentleman that was coming down just said, 'Look, it'd be better off if you come on down because you're going to be caught in the middle of a dust storm,'" said Toby Gilbert, who's visiting from Australia.

And even though the sights on the mountain and in the air were spectacular, Gilbert says it's the heat that he'll remember the most.

"This is the hottest weather I've ever seen, makes my summers look chicken feed," Gilbert said.

Meteorologists say there are more chances for dust and possibly rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.