Sun City woman says Verizon charged her hundreds for a phone she returned

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A West Valley woman said her cell phone company has been charging her for a phone she doesn't even have anymore.

The phone was sent back to Verizon Wireless because Jae Clements thought it was smaller than she expected.

Even though she has proof they got the phone, Clements said Verizon wireless is still charging her.

Clements said her cell phone is her life line to staying connected to her family.

So, when Verizon Wireless informed her she was eligible to upgrade to a new phone, Clements said she went for it.

“I hurried and upgraded the phone and I got a phone where the screen was too small. The Rhyme,” Clements explained.

Clements said The Rhyme looked pretty good online, but said it was a lot smaller when she got it.

So she immediately sent it back.

“I called Verizon and I asked them to replace it with a phone with a larger screen,” Clements explained.

She said she was told to FedEx the phone back to Verizon which she did. Clements even got a confirmation number indicating Verizon had received it.

Still, Clements said Verizon was billing her for the phone.

“When I looked at my bill I saw that Verizon had charged me $218.99 for the phone," Clements remarked.

She contacted Verizon Wireless and tried to explain that she shouldn't have to pay for a phone that she returned, but Verizon claimed they never received the phone.

“I kept calling and the reps were telling me that The Rhyme, which I sent back, hadn't been put into the system," said Clements.

Even with that confirmation slip saying it was delivered, Verizon said it was not delivered and turned up the heat by not only billing her for the phone but also shutting off her service.

"I need a phone, I mean even for emergencies. That's the only phone that I had. I don't have a home phone. I wasn't getting results and so I thought 3 On Your Side would help me," Clements stated.

3 On Your Side contacted Verizon and after looking into the matter, they realized their mistake.

As a result, they removed the $218 charge from Jae's bill, reactivated her service, and even gave her a $100 plus credit for the inconvenience. Clements said she couldn't be happier.

“I just want to say thank you so much to 3 On Your Side," a happy Clements proclaimed.

Statement from Verizon:
“We did not meet our own standards for accuracy in resolving this issue for our customer and are truly sorry. We appreciate 3 On Your Side for escalating this to us. We have resolved this issue to our customer’s satisfaction.”