5 Things you need to tell your college-bound students

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PHOENIX -- Larry Winget, also known as The Pitbull of Personal Development®, is the author of "Your Kids Are Your Own Fault" and four other New York Times/Wall Street Journal best-selling books.

His tips for what to tell you college kids before they head off to school include:

1.  Respect YOUR money.  Have a long talk about what college is costing mom and dad to give them an appreciation of what the parents are paying. 

2.  Have fun, but not too much fun.  This is an exciting time of life and kids are going to want to drink and spread their wings and prove their independence.  You can't stop it, so understand it and tell them to be careful.

3.  Go to class. Period. No excuse is good enough not to go to class. 

4.  Reputation is everything.  It takes years to build it and can be lost in a minute. Use good judgment -- no sexting, no YouTube videos, no Facebook pictures you will later regret. 

5.  Communicate your expectations.  Be very clear about what you expect -- grades, attendance, behavior, spending, how often to call, etc.  Then clearly communicate the consequences when you don't get what you expect.