Accused killer makes bizarre court appearance

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- With his hands and feet shackled and flashing a grin on his face, accused robber, arsonist and killer Michael Lee Crane shuffled into a Superior Court room Wednesday morning and it wasn't long before the fireworks began.

"This is a simple thing," the 32-year-old accused triple murderer lectured Judge Warren Granville.

"I'm not bound by your rules, regulations, statutes, codes and procedures and you are aware of that," he angrily asserted.

Crane is charged with robbing, murdering and burning Paradise Valley couple Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro and Phoenix cigar salesman Bruce Goudet during a grisly crime spree in late January.

"I was wrongfully arrested and brought here," Crane told the judge. "I'm saying the courts don't have jurisdiction over the subject matter in this court and that's me, a sovereign man, a man of flesh and blood."

During the bizarre court room theatrics, Crane also told Judge Granville that he wants to fire his court appointed defense lawyers and represent himself.

Crane has already been found competent to stand trial. Judge Granville is now weighing his request to act as his own attorney.  During Wednesday's fiery hearing, the Judge told Crane that his behavior will influence that decision.

Crane is scheduled back in court for another status hearing on September 18.