Fast food workers fired for standing on lettuce

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Three fast food workers in Ohio have been fired after a picture they took inside a Burger King went viral.

The picture shows a Burger King employee standing in two lettuce bins.

The employees who lost their jobs over the picture apparently posted it online as a prank, but they never removed the meta-data -- or digital signature.

A digital picture taken with camera or mobile phone has information attached to it -- information that stays with the picture wherever it goes.

People have the ability to see when the picture was taken, what kind of camera was to take it, and maybe even the location where the picture was taken and much more.

When the lettuce picture was posted it left a trail right back to the scene of the offense.

Burger King released a statement:

"Food safety is a top priority at all Burger King restaurants, and the company maintains a zero tolerance policy against any violations such as the ones in question."

It's not known if anybody ate that lettuce.

The photo initially appeared on 4Chan, a website which allows users to post images and participate in discussion anonymously. It was captioned, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."