Things you should always buy used

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PHOENIX -- Looking for a new ride? Consumer advocates recommend checking out pre-owned vehicles.  New vehicles lose much of their value as you drive off the car lot, so don't take that kind of hit. Savvy consumers have been doing this for years. We talked to one Phoenix consumer who had some good advice.

“Buying a used car is actually a better value. Specifically, because you are not taking that depreciative hit,” said Ben.

I love this one, pets.  You may not think of all those animals at the animal shelter as used, but someone probably owned them before. Avoid a breeder altogether and head to Arizona Humane Society or an animal shelter where vaccinations and other perks are thrown in for one small fee.
Musical instruments are something you should always consider buying used. AZ Music in North Phoenix said 80 percent of their business is in used instruments, and said it's the best way to go, particularly for children. David Davis is with AZ Music, he said try buying a used instrument from a reputable store, you can save a lot of money and still get a quality instrument that you can attempt to learn on.

Electronics should be bought used, or in the business, it's called refurbished. Electronics that are returned are sent back to the manufacturer, refurbished and put back on the floor at a discounted rate.
Pre-owned homes are a no brainer. Landscaping is already in, and mature.  Plus, you usually get more upgrades inside.

Finally, sports gear should be bought used. People usually buy new gear to get in shape, but never use it. You can find used equipment at places like Play It Again Sports or online.

Here are some other items you should always buy used; maternity clothes, hand tools, jewelry, and specialty clothing like a prom dress or tuxedo.