World's heaviest woman credits lots of sex to weight loss

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

The world's heaviest woman is losing weight, and she's crediting an active sex life.

Pauline Potter admits she's been eating more fruits and fresh vegetables and has water therapy three to five times a week, but credits her sex life to her 98-pound weight loss.

Potter, who became the world's heaviest woman last year at 643 pounds, says she has sex six times a day to help her shed weight.

"I didn't set out and say okay I'm going to do this you know, It kind of just happened that way and I did some research and whatever and found out that you can burn 500 calories," said Potter. "So I guess it didn't hurt. I was kind of having fun and helping myself at the same time."

Potter is hoping to get down to 523 pounds.

Susanne Eman of Casa Grande, Ariz. says she hopes to be the heaviest woman in the world.

Last September, she claimed to weight 278 pounds, but she has not been officially weight by Guinness World Records officials.

She said at the time, her goal is to weight 1,600 pounds someday.