Javelina take an evening stroll in a Glendale neighborhood

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- It was Sunday evening, right around dusk and Brian Buck was in his front yard working on his sprinklers, when he saw something that made him do a double take. 

"I saw them out of the corner of my eye walking by the front yard and I thought it was a dog and I looked and thought. "Holy Cow!" he said.

They were two javelina, going for a slow stroll through their Arrowhead Lakes neighborhood near the Loop 101 and 51st Avenue. That gave Buck and his wife Juli enough time to grab the camera.

"They probably came from the mountains behind us and just needed some food and water," she said.

The Bucks and other neighbors watched as the pair went from bush to cactus, nibbling on flowers, and then moved down toward the subdivision's lake.

Buck says she hasn't seen javelina in the two years they've lived here, but this pair looked pretty comfortable. That's not a surprise to experts at the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

"These animals that live in these urban areas oftentimes sleep in people's backyards, on their porches, or in the washes behind the houses so they're around, even if you're not seeing them," said Randy Babb with Game and Fish.

So the Bucks consider this a treat, especially since for the most part, both parties kept to themselves. After a drink of the water, these javelina went on their way. Presumably back to their own neighborhood.

"I feel bad that they're coming into the valley so close because they're not getting the food that they need, but it was neat to see them," said Buck.

Game and Fish says if you should see any javelina in your neighborhood, do not feed them, just let them be and that should keep both the animal and you safe.