Phoenix couple say benefits accidentally stopped

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PHOENIX -- Without a job, Thomas Gliebe has a lot of time on his hands. He's not the only one down on his luck. His wife, Amanda, is also out of work. As a result, the two say they were forced to ask for help.

“Unfortunately, we've had to get some assistance through DES to be able to pay our rent until we get settled again,” Thomas said.

The couple applied for financial assistance last month through the Department of Economic Security, and they were approved for benefits totaling $350 a month. However, the financial assistance didn't last long.

Thomas said that on July 2 when they were expecting to receive the money, they received a letter instead, stating that he and his wife failed a drug test.

Failed a drug test? Gliebe said he and his wife don't use drugs, but more importantly, he said they never took a drug test.
“It's like wow, how can they say that we tested positive for something we didn't even go do?” Amanda asked.

As a result, the state cut off the couple's $350 monthly benefits, leaving the couple confused and afraid.
“I hate seeing my kids suffer because it's hard for me because they're my babies and I don't want anything to happen to them," Amanda said. "I don't want to end up on the street."

Amanda said she tried contacting DES to tell them someone must have made a mistake, but she could not get a hold of anyone.
So, 3 On Your Side asked DES to look into the issue and they did.
Thomas said the agency immediately contacted him and said one of their employees made an error in paperwork.   
After correcting the mistake, Thomas said he and his wife's benefits were immediately re-instated, meaning they'll be getting that $350 assistance they qualified for. The couple say they owe it all to 3 On Your Side for resolving the issue.

I was happy to help out Thomas and Amanda and a little bit of good news, the last time we spoke to the couple, Amanda was supposed to be starting a new job.