Lifeguards and firefighters team up to save lives

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PHOENIX -- Two groups, one cause.

“I can't tell you how much the benefits extend just passed our pool,” said Erin Sandoval who works for the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

On Saturday, her team of lifeguards learned life saving techniques from the Phoenix Fire Department.

“We do hope that we never have to experience something like this, but in the event that something does happen we have gone through the event in its entirety and know exactly what's going to happen when fire gets here, what they expect from us,” said Sandoval.

“It makes that call a lot easier for us so when we get there we don't have to go behind and fill in where the mistakes were made or they missed anything,” said Joaquin Torres with the Phoenix Fire Department.

A reminder of how important CPR is popped up on Friday when a 1-year-old Glendale girl was found floating in a backyard swimming pool. It was a neighbor who was heading to work who heard the screams and performed CPR. That little girl was breathing and alert when firefighters arrived.

While the drowning on Saturday was only a drill, having a well oiled procedure in place could mean the difference between saving or not saving a life.

“With our interaction with them and their interaction with us, it's been a little more organized and obviously they've made their plan a lot better,” said Torres.

So far in 2012, four people have drowned in the city of Phoenix. That includes three adults and one child. In 2011, 22 people died in the city of phoenix.