Photos: Nude man crashes pickup truck into Texas mall

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DALLAS -- Dallas police identified Arthur Walker, 35, as the nude man who drove a pickup truck through Southwest Center Mall Friday morning.

Police said he drove through the double doors, straight into several kiosks and then took a right and drove straight through the pulled down gates of a Champs Sports store.

“He hit the door, backed up, and came back with full force again, and that’s when he came on in here,” said Delcina Avery, who watched from the parking lot as the man sped into the glass doors.

“I guess he was just crazy -- it never dawned on me that it was Friday, the 13th,” she said.

The man then got out of the truck and started dressing himself in clothes from the store, including putting on socks and a brand new pair of Nike Jordan sneakers.

Arriving Dallas police officers arrested him inside the store. Paramedics wheeled him to a waiting ambulance to deliver him to Methodist Central Hospital for evaluation.

Even officers allowed themselves a chuckle to the odd timing of the bizarre crime.

“My assessment is he wasn’t in his right mind,” Sgt. Elliott Forge said with a deadpan face.

Police aren’t sure what motivated Walker to drive through the mall on Camp Wisdom Road at 7:30 a.m. The shopping center had not yet opened its doors for the day. No one was hurt.

Earlier police say Walker was involved in a domestic disturbance on the 2600 block of Bainbridge Road, about a mile from the mall. Officers say for some reason he left the home naked in a red Dodge truck and drove to the mall.

And, just before the mall incident, police said they received a call from a woman in the area saying a man in a red pickup truck approached her car. She told police he was wearing only a blanket, knocked on her window and told her to get out, but she drove off.

Minutes later, police got a call that the red pickup truck smashed through the Southwest Center Mall.

Before he left, however, Sgt. Elliott Forge decided to reclaim the suspect’s new Nike shoes.

“I only took off the sneakers, because nobody wants to see him nude,” he said. “We can at least return the sneakers.”

The mall quickly dispatched repair crews Friday morning and opened most of the mall on time. As customers arrived, workers were sweeping up glass and taking great care to scrub tire marks off the mall’s tile floors.

“Today we are operating, so come out and spend your money,” the mall’s general manager, Lisa Long, declared to a news crew.

The damage is estimated to be in the thousands. Walker is currently facing burglary charges.  Officially police aren’t saying what sparked the rampage, although Sgt. Forge offered an idea.

“Normally, when we deal with people that are… naked,” he said carefully, “they are usually under the influence of some kind of narcotic.”

“It doesn’t help that it’s Friday, the 13th,” he said smiling, “but I’m sure that has nothing to do with it.”