Mother accused of trading newborn baby for truck

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Husband and wife, Jeremy and Jaimee Brown, held hands as they were escorted to the Laurel County Jail, charged with human trafficking.

The Browns are accused of trading their 1999 Dodge Dakota truck for a newborn baby boy.

"It sounds outlandish, it really does," Richard Hass, a friend of the Browns, said.
Haas said he believes the wrong people are in jail.
"That baby is in the best shape. I know the mother. She's a drug addict. So they did the best thing," he said.
Investigators said the mother is Heather Kaminsky, a 30-year-old from Corbin. Kaminsky is wanted on methamphetamine charges.

Deputies said she was living in Florida and social services have already taken two children from her.
"She had fled to Kentucky to have the child and avoid that child being taken by social services," police said.
According to police, the trade happened in January, not long after Kaminsky gave birth. Since then, the baby boy was allegedly being raised by the Browns along with their three children.

"My friends probably didn't do the best thing, but they meant the best," Haas said.

Police said they also believe the Browns had “the best interests of the child in mind,” but should have took the legal route to obtain guardianship of the child.

Investigators said Kaminsky eventually sold the truck for $800 and some meth.

As for the browns, they could face human trafficking charges and possibly up to 20 years in jail. Something Haas said he can't believe.

"But this is the best place here. Home you know?" he said.