Missing Tucson girl's mother opens new search center

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Police and volunteers have spent nearly three months searching for missing Isabel Celis of Tucson.

The six-year-old disappeared without a trace the night of April 20th. Police believe it was a kidnapping, but have no suspects.

"We're praying she's out there and will come home," Isabel's mother, Becky, told reporters Friday. "Maybe it won't be the police.  Maybe it'll be some other angel who sees Isa out there and brings her home."

Becky Celis opened a new 'command center' for volunteers on a busy Tucson street Friday, hoping to keep her daughter's disappearance in the public eye.

Celis did not mention her husband, Sergio, who agreed to a request by authorities to keep away from the couple's other children. 

No explanation for that request has ever been made, and Sergio Celis is neither a person of interest, nor a suspect in his daughter's disappearance.