Homeowner reacts to couple's alleged real estate scam

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Deanna and John Gaw were arrested for allegedly running a real estate scam in Saddlebrook. By Andrew Michalscheck Deanna and John Gaw were arrested for allegedly running a real estate scam in Saddlebrook. By Andrew Michalscheck

SADDLEBROOK, Ariz. -- New details have emerged about the arrest of a Chandler couple accused of running a real estate scam that targeted elderly residents in Saddlebrook.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Deanna Gaw, 40, called the owners of a home that was for sale on Monday claiming to be a real estate agent from Chandler named Carol Porter.

Gaw reportedly told the homeowners that she had clients interested in seeing their property and would need them to be out of the house for a few hours on Tuesday. 

The homeowners initially agreed to leave their home, but after speaking with their agent they discovered that there wasn’t a licensed real estate agent in Chandler with the name Carol Porter.

The homeowners decided not to leave their home, and on Tuesday afternoon Gaw and her husband, John Gaw, 43, reportedly showed up at the house.

Deanna Gaw allegedly identified herself as Carol Porter, and then apologized for showing up while the homeowners were still present. The Gaws then left the house in an SUV with Nevada license plates.

Concerned by the Gaw’s alleged behavior, the homeowners called the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. Several elderly homeowners also called the PCSO on Tuesday to report what they believed was a scam involving a woman claiming to be Carol Porter.

"It was her giving a fake name saying, 'hey we're going to be in the area, we have a buyer with us can we just go look at your house, maybe we can sell your house.' The excited homeowner would say, 'sure I will leave you a key under the mat,'" said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

A PCSO deputy was able to locate the Gaws' vehicle and pull them over. The deputy noticed hand bags and clothing in the back seat of the car, along with surgical gloves on the floor.

When asked about the gloves, John Gaw reportedly stated, “You got me.” He went on to admit that they had taken the items in their car from several homes that morning.

Doug McGraw was among the homeowners contacted by the Gaws, and said their scheme seemed suspicious from the start.

"If somebody's going to show our house usually it would be like an hour time frame between one and two, not 11 and four," McGraw noted.

Deanna and John Gaw were subsequently arrested on charges related to the burglaries.