Valley business promises protection from lightning strikes

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

MESA, Ariz.--This week lightning lit up the sky on multiple nights, but in some places it delivered much more than just a show.

Several homes, structures and trees were damaged by lightning overnight Wednesday, including a home in Sun City West that caught fire and was completely engulfed.

While we can't stop mother nature from throwing down lightning bolts, one Valley business says you can protect your house if lightning strikes.

"People don't realize that you can even have lightning protection on your home" said Bob Ross, who owns Lightning Busters.

He often gets a spike in calls after big storms from people who are interested in protecting their homes from lightning.

He and his crew will install 12-inch air terminals, or lightning rods and copper wiring on your roof, to divert the current from lightning.

"When lightning does hit it it will discharge it into the ground, so it will save your structure," Ross said.

A small home can cost up to $1200 to protect (which includes surge protection), but Ross said the system is 99% effective.