Phoenix weather: Monsoon storms bring rain

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Late-night monsoon storms brought the Valley some much-needed rain, along with plenty of thunder, lightning and strong winds. 

Several rounds of thunderstorms moved from east to west across the Valley overnight between about 10 p.m and 2 a.m.  It began with a dust storm moving in from the south, thanks to storms in Pinal County.  But then thunderstorms began to move in from the west and northwest and strengthen over the Valley. Strong winds brought down trees and lightning strikes sparked several fires

Rainfall totals ranged from about 0.25 inch in the far east and west Valley, to up to almost 0.75 inch in spots like Scottsdale and Maricopa. 

Sky Harbor received about 0.25 inch of rain, bringing us to a year-to-date total of only 0.75 inche.  We're about. 2.75 inches behind normal for the year. 

Monsoon storms over the next couple of days could help with that deficit. 

Look for afternoon highs near 104 and 105 degrees today through the weekend, with about a 20- to 40-percent chance of storms each day and night through at least next Monday. 

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