Wild javelinas and rattle snakes in Anthem concerning pet owners

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ANTHEM, Ariz. -- Some people living in Anthem want a fenced in dog park built now.

“She was actually bitten by a rattlesnake back in October,” said dog owner Amber Dorich.

Dorich’s dog was bitten on her nose during a walk through their neighborhood.

Another dog, named Tiger, recently ran into an unfriendly herd of javelinas.

“It's scary.  It’s definitely scary.  But we're in the middle of the desert so it's expected.  But it would be nice to have a fenced in area so we would feel safe,” said Dorich.

Dorich and Tiger's owner, Leticia Ernst, are upset the board members of the Anthem Community Council haven’t built a dog park, but have all sorts of amenities for children.

“Dogs are family members right? We should have a dog park and that's the way I feel,” said Ernst.

The women said they're forced to let their dogs off the leash, in their neighborhood, because their pets need exercise.

There is a patch of grass close to their home where someone put toys for dogs in most of the trees.

“We're certainly open to exploring possibilities.  We’ve invited the people who are looking for a dog park to tell us about some areas they think are possible,” said the HOA President, Craig Boates.

Boates also said the community doesn’t have the land for a dog park and a plot would have to be purchased.

Dogs on leashes are welcome at their community park, but owners could face a fine if the dogs are allowed to roam free.

There's also a private dog park, charging a small fee, not too far away.

“For me it’s not convenient.  I want to see it in the community.  I don't want to drive away from here,” said Ernst.