Ariz. authorities probing kitten cruelty case [Graphic video]

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

Warning: This report contains graphic video

COLORADO CITY, Ariz. -- It is a heartbreaking amateur video that is both hard to watch and hard to fathom. 

It shows a tiny kitten dropped down a metal pipe into a hardening bed of concrete. When the barely-alive animal is discovered it is encased in a solid block almost up to its neck.

Colorado City, Ariz. resident Andrew Chatwin made the shocking find and shot the disturbing video in late May.

Today he told 3TV that he believes the kitten was dropped in the concrete by members of the FLDS Church and followers of Warren Jeffs.

"It's a hate crime," Chatwin says.  "I think it was an FLDS member that is sending a hate message."

That "message" Andrew Chatwin believes was directed at him and his friend Isaac Wyler.

Both Chatwin and Wyler are former followers of Jeffs, but today the two men are outspoken critics of the incarcerated polygamous prophet.

"It is a pattern for the FLDS to treat apostates (people who have left the church) and non-members in this fashion," explained Chatwin.

"People are running over horses and breaking their backs, running horses off cliffs," he says.  "It's a pattern of hate towards people who are standing up."

The badly abused kitten was discovered on property owned by Isaac Wyler who tells me he has had dozens of dead animals left on his vehicles and in the yard of his Colorado City home in recent years.

After making the shocking discovery, Andrew Chatwin said he then spent six hours in the hot Arizona sun digging the metal pipe surrounding the kitten and then carefully chipping away the cat's concrete encasement.

The kitten was then turned over to a nearby animal shelter where it died a few days later.

Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan, whose office took over policing duties from the all FLDS Colorado City Town Marshal's Office last week, tells me his deputies are now investigating.