Sun City Woman Says M&I bank lost $5,000

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Jeanette Nesunski said she used to be pretty active. She would spend her days delivering food to homebound people in the area, until health problems slowed her down a bit.

“I'm 60 years old and I had a couple of strokes this year and a concussion, so my daily activities have changed from what they usually were,” said Nesunski.

Nesunski didn't want her health to be a burden for her children, so 13 years ago she decided to put money aside by investing $5,000 in a Certificate of Deposit.
“I thought why don't I put $5,000 in the bank now and just let it accrue over the years,” explained Nesunski.

Remember, Nesunski opened that CD 13 years ago, and still has the paperwork to prove it. However, she recently discovered the bank where she opened the CD had changed hands a few times and was eventually bought out by M&I.

Nesunski said she went to M&I and spoke with the manager, his system could go back 3 years and he said, "well, I don't see it here."

$5,000 has disappeared, like it never existed.  So 3 On Your Side got involved and M&I agreed to look into the matter.
M&I tells 3 On Your Side that they absorbed the bank where Nesunski opened her CD, but unfortunately there's no record of where her money went.

Even after our involvement, Nesunski said M&I continued to tell her “sorry, we have no record of your CD.”  But Nesunski has a record, and she wants her money plus interest.

"I am stressed out. I just didn't believe they could do that," said Nesunski

How does a bank get away with this?  3 On Your Side will stay on this story, and let you know what happens in a follow up report.