Major advancement in fertility treatment makes in vitro more accessible

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A new, more affordable, convenient and effective option for women turning to in vitro fertilization to get pregnant is finally available thanks to the advancement of egg donors and the technology to freeze donated embryos.

Infertility specialist Dr. Drew Moffitt stopped by "Good Morning! Arizona" Wednesday morning to share the news before the information became widely available across the nation today.

It revolves around the revolutionary processes Donor Egg Bank USA.

Moffitt, who is based right here in the Valley, said  the benefits of a donor bank like this -- one that freezes donated eggs -- will finally offer some much-needed hope that so many families are searching for.

"With the advancements in cryopreservation, we will now also be able to offer women seeking to have a family the benefits of a frozen egg cycle" Moffitt said.

Those benefits include a larger donor pool, a potentially shorter treatment process, flexibility for the patients and no need for synchronization.

He also says this will offer a more convenient way to get the in vitro process started, therefore making it more affordable because it helps to cut the costs associated with waiting for the best possible match.

"We're excited to announce, one of the most comprehensive frozen donor egg programs in the United States has been developed through a collaboration of the nation's most respected reproductive endocrinology practices," Moffitt said. "This will give families an opportunity to log on to Donor Egg Bank USA and search a diverse database of donors with the added convenience of  a quicker treatment process."  Those donors are located in more than 50 cities.

Because many families who turn to IVF wish to have biological siblings, they would be able to reserve frozen embryos from the same donor for the future. 

Moffitt is with Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists, 1701 E. Thomas Road #101, Phoenix. For more information, call 602-644-9002.