5-Year-old boy's 911 call helps save dad's life

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CHEHALIS, Wash. -- Quincy Hall’s mother taught the five-year-old how to call 911, and that lesson may have saved his father’s life.

Quincy called 911 in June when his father, Chris Hall, was having a seizure.

His father made a full recovery, thanks in part to his son getting paramedics to come to the house.

“Uhh, my dad is sick,” Quincy can be heard telling a 911 dispatcher.

“Worst case scenario,” said Quincy’s mother Trish Teigen, “he would have died.”

Quincy did not know his address, but thanks to two county 911 telecommunicators, he didn’t have to.

By looking up cell phone records and getting GPS coordinates, Lisa Brockmueller and Ellen Mauerman were able to figure out where Quincy was.

Mauerman, who answered the call, thought it was just a boy playing around. But then she heard him turn to his father and say he had called the doctor.

“It’s like, OK. This is for real,” said Mauerman.

Mauerman said it’s nice to deal with a call that has a happy ending.

“Pretty awesome,” said Mauerman, who’s been answering 911 calls for more than 20 years, “Kind of makes it worth it.”