Valley businesses see calls for A/C repair spike as temperatures climb

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- Scorching temps in the one-teens -- a time when we sing air conditioning's praises a bit more than normal. Unfortunately, that's also when more of them fail. One of those succumbed to the heat belongs to Michelle Rosenbaum.

"Yesterday afternoon it started blowing just warm air...and I'm like 'oh no!' she said.  "It got up to close to 90 [degrees] inside and in the kitchen area."

Her fix it guys at Donley Service Center have kept up a full schedule of calls. Rosenbaum's unit is one of several they'll fix just today.

"These fan motors just can't take the excessive heat, so this unit's 14 years old; not an uncommon repair," said Bryan Nelson with Donley.

But it's not just homeowners calling for air conditioning help. Local body shops are also seeing more customers thanks to problems made worse by our weather.

"One of the first things to go is your fans," said Al Gutierrez of Inman and Sons in Phoenix. "Second thing is air conditioning and third thing is your engine. So you want to get it looked at as soon as possible when its this hot."

But in temperatures like this, few are willing to wait long for repairs. Especially when the unit waits until the hottest day of the year to conk out.

"It happened last summer," said Rosenbaum. "On another unit in our house. So hopefully now we're done and it will be another 20 years!"