East Valley couple say never pay up front

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Deborah Bushnell and her husband bought a 20-year-old motor home as a small investment so they can travel more.

“It's a 1992, so it needs a little sprucing up," Bushnell said. "We thought it would be fun, even if we went to the mountains just for the weekends."

She said the RV is in pretty good shape, even the interior. But she also knows it's a little old and needs some updating, particularly on the outside. She said the striping and the decals were fading and peeling and the RV was showing its age. However, all of that pinstriping was going to be removed and replaced during a recent visit to an East Valley RV Park.

While camping at the RV park, the Bushnells were approached by three men driving through the park, claiming to be able to rejuvenate older RVs by washing, waxing and even replacing faded decals for just under a thousand bucks.

"I said that's not a bad price, but I'm not going to give you any money up-front. I don't know you from Adam," Bushnell said.

She and her husband stood their ground because they didn't want to be scammed. But, before long, they gave in and found themselves writing a check for $800.

The men never did return, leaving Bushnell broke and bewildered. She had been swindled by three scammers claiming to be good, family men -- men she told herself not to trust, but for whatever reason, she did.

"It was my woman's intuition or whatever you want to call it and I chose to ignore it," Bushnell said. "I should know by this stage of my life, don't ever ignore it."

Again, Bushnell said she knew better, but she simply got talked into handing over all that money. Remember that the next time a stranger who seems to be nice asks for money up-front.