Valley apartment complex suffering from broken AC

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Dozens of people in one Phoenix apartment complex are trying to beat the heat, even though the air conditioners aren't working properly.

Residents at the Northern Palms Apartments at Northern and 28th avenues say it's the second year in a row that something like this has happened.

"They don't care around here and I worry about these people, because we have a lot of people living here," said Arwanda Hardin, who has lived in the complex for the last three years.

Hardin said her air conditioner hasn't worked for the last three weeks. She's using fans in every room of her home to keep the temperature as cool as possible.

The property manager said a compressor component went kaput, and now only half of the compressors for the complex are working. A replacement part, out of New York, will take at least two more weeks to arrive.

"Right now the temperatures are like if we had swamp coolers so it's not like we don't have air at all," said property manager Angela Wynn. "My boss thinks that's OK until we have it fixed."

Until then residents are trying to drink a lot of water and have purchased their own fans and window units.

The City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department said anyone experiencing a similar problem should give them a call so someone can evaluate the problem and give the tenants options.