Church hit 3 times by AC thieves

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The church service was hot Sunday morning at the Desert Hope Wesleyan Church in Maryvale.
“I went to turn the thermostat down and it wouldn't work,” said Pastor William Woods.
That's because the AC unit had been ripped off.
“This is the third time we've been hit on ACs since December,” said Woods.
Pastor Woods replaced one awhile ago. In fact, his church is still trying to pay off the insurance deductible and now with another one stolen, he's not sure what to do.
“It’s touch and go to even pay the bills and now we've got to do this extra," Woods stated.
So he's hoping donations from the community will help, but he realizes his patrons are stretched thin as well.
“We're just hanging on with our finger tips right now trying to make things work here,” said Woods.
Pastor Woods hopes these thieves get caught, but if they don’t, he knows they'll have to eventually answer to a higher court.
“Now a days without society, people don't care if it's a church or not. That respect isn't there like it used to be for churches," Woods added.