Pastor makes terrible discovery at church

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- People attending services at one Valley church on Sunday will be very uncomfortable.

The air conditioning unit at Desert Hope Wesleyan Church in Phoenix isn't working because someone ripped the copper out of the unit.

“I think probably what they're doing is probably getting a load and going to Mexico because all the salvage people [in Arizona] have been told not to take it,” said Pastor William Woods.

Woods said this is the third time someone stole the tubing and wiring out of the unit.

“Actually the dumb thing is I had a real big lock on this thing and SRP (Salt River Project) made me change it to their lock and I told them 'I didn't want to do that' and they said I had to because they couldn't get in otherwise,” said Woods.
The pastor said the church is struggling in this economy and he can't afford the deductible to get a new air conditioning unit.

“It seems like it’s hard to get a hold of any money.  We’re constantly paying the $1000 deductible.  I don’t know what the insurance company will do this time,” said Woods.

Woods said he went without a salary the last time the unit was destroyed so he could help get a new one for the building.

Between the church and the insurance company, Woods estimates more than $68,000 has been spent on the new units.

The pastor plans to use a commercial fan to help cool the church for service on Sunday.

If you would like to donate to the church call 623-845-2741 or 623-245-9337.

You can also stop by the church with your donation at 2601 North 59th Lane in Phoenix.