Mohave County Sheriff's Office to start patrolling Colorado City

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

COLORADO CITY, Ariz. -- There's a new sheriff in town, literally.

Starting Friday morning at 9 am deputies with the Mohave County Sheriff's Office will begin patrolling and  providing a full-time law enforcement presence in the remote, polygamous community of Colorado City.

"It's an effort to provide unbiased and professional law enforcement to people who haven't always had that in the past", said Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan.

The move comes after years of controversy surrounding the conduct and behavior of Colorado City's existing law enforcement agency known as the Town Marshal's Office, a six man department made up entirely of faithful followers of FLDS prophet and now convicted pedophile Warren Jeffs.

"They enforce the edicts of Warren Jeffs and not the law", said Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne who, since taking office two years ago, has made addressing the abuses of women and children in the polygamous, FLDS community his top law enforcement priority.

Earlier this year, Horne pushed for legislation at the State Capitol that would have decertified the Colorado City Town Marshal's Office. 

The measure was narrowly shot down by the Arizona House of Representatives.

Horne said he will have the bill reintroduced next legislative session but in the interim he said he has come up with $420,000 from a special fund to pay for the Mohave County Sheriff's Office to step in and begin patrols Friday morning.

"This is my number one priority", Horne said.

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