Sky Harbor making a new push to pull people to the Valley.

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Sky Harbor International Airport is making a new push to pull travelers to the Valley, and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.

Under a new "Air Service Development Program," Sky Harbor will partially reimburse airlines to create intercontinental routes to Phoenix.  It'll also partly help them pay for advertising that specific flight in their country of origin.

"Airlines are a business, and are competitive just like any other. They pay costs to use airports, so they want to be in cities that provide the best service and best revenue for that community," said Sky Harbor Deputy Director of Aviation, Deborah Ostreicher.

Simply put, investing in the airlines is investing in the Valley. "We want to bring more people into Phoenix, into The Valley of Sun to spend money. It creates jobs. It creates millions of dollars in economic impact just by bringing in one flight," explains Ostreicher.

One intercontinental flight alone can bring in $100 million to the Valley each year.

The money for the program doesn't come from taxpayers. It comes from money made in-house by Sky Harbor.

The FAA only allows such programs every two years, so at Sky Harbor they will have reevaluate with each individual airline.