New technology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Removing a kidney can be serious but thanks to new technology, patients are bouncing back a lot faster.

“Didn't know I was sick until another procedure had found out I have a mass on my kidney,” Erick Teas said.

Teas had kidney cancer. He turned to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Western Regional Medical Center in Goodyear for help.

“In the older days, they really cut you open to do the surgery and now they’re going to do a single incision and it's less ouch,” Teas said.

Doctors will only have to make one incision to remove Teas’ left kidney.
“Normally, kidney surgery is done laparoscopically through multiple incisions,” said CTCA urologist Pankaj Jain. “This new technology, the GelPOINT [Advanced Access Platform], takes that and makes it into one incision and we're able to put all of our own instruments into the patient's abdomen.”

Jain is one of a few urologists in the area using the GelPOINT technology.

Jain said by getting this kind of procedure with a single-incision, patients get out of the hospital faster. It's also less painful and leaves less scarring.
“There is always a chance for complication from multiple puncture sites,” Jain said. “Where here you only have one incision and the complication of making an incision in the patient is reduced significantly.”

As for Teas, he just wants to get back to the life he knew before the cancer diagnosis.

“Now it's like you’re in and out, get done and go back to whatever you do,” Teas said.

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