Phoenix Mom says rented Snow Cone Machine caused extensive damage

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Nikki Woehler is a mom, and likes to do special things for her children.

So, when her daughter's birthday was coming up, she thought she would do something memorable.

"It was my daughter's 9th birthday, so we decided to have some fun and rent a giant water slide and a snow cone machine for all of the girls," Nikki told 3 On Your Side.

Nikki hit the Internet and came across a company called AZ Party Time. For $225, she hired the company mainly for two reasons. 

For starters, the company reportedly had all new equipment. But that's not all. 

"And the other big selling point was that he (AZ Party Time) had $2,000,000 in insurance. So, God forbid, if something were to happen, everything would be covered and that made me feel better," Nikki said.

Well something did happen, and Nikki said she has pictures that document her problem.

First, that giant inflatable water slide that AZ Party Time set up in the backyard was so rough that she said it left marks and scratches on the backs of all of the children. 

However, the real issue is the snow cone machine that the company dropped off. 

Nikki said her glass patio table couldn't stand the weight of the machine, and several hours after AZ Party Time placed it on her table, the table shattered.

Nikki said she was inside the home when it happened.

"Everything is on the ground and there is glass, millions and millions of pieces of shattered glass on the ground and the snow cone maker is on the ground," she remarked.

Nikki wonders why the machine was not delivered with a stand or with its own table.

To keep the party going, Nikki said she cleaned up the mess and pulled her expensive dining room table out of the house and put the snow cone machine on top.

That was a mistake, because the broken snow cone machine leaked and wound up warping and damaging her wooden dining table.

"In the morning when he came to collect his items I showed him all the damage and I said to him, 'Boy, am I glad you have that $2,000,000 worth of insurance. Because I now need a dining room set and I know I need a patio set,'" Nikki told 3 On Your Side.

Nikki said AZ Party Time initially agreed to hand the matter over to their insurance company, but then later reneged, saying they wouldn't.

So 3 On Your Side got involved. 

AZ Party Time said they have never had a single complaint before. However, after careful consideration, they believe they were in the right, saying the table possibly shattered due to eager children leaning on the table trying to get snow cones and actually caused it to buckle.

As for the warped dining room table, the company said the snow cone machine was clearly broken and they question why Nikki would put a leaking machine on an expensive, wooden table knowing it could be damaged. They said it was irresponsible.

However, AZ Party Time did change its mind and handed the matter over to its insurance company to handle.

Nikki said it's the appropriate thing to do considering the amount of damage. She said the other appropriate gesture would be to return her $225 that she paid for the rental. 

"You would think that at the very least, he would say, 'Hey, can I refund your money or I'd like to refund your money,'" Nikki stated.

Since 3 On Your Side got involved, Nikki said an insurance adjuster interviewed her and reviewed the damage.  However, the insurance company recently contacted her and verbally denied the claim. 

Nikki said she is surprised and disappointed, claiming the snow cone machine should have been delivered with a stand, and never should have been placed on her glass table. 

Because the claim has been denied, Nikki is considering legal action against AZ Party Time to pay for the damages.

AZ Party Time said it too is moving forward with litigation and plans on suing Nikki in Small Claims Court. 

The company said it is seeking compensation for the $600 snow cone machine that was broken while in her possession.