Burglar steals donation money while homeowner is at rehab

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz.-- A man who suffered a near-deadly bicycle accident in March is now the victim of a burglary.

Glendale police said a thief broke into Scott and Ashley Moore's home and stole hundreds of dollars they received at a fundraiser, as well as a Mac book laptop.

The couple made the discovery on Wednesday afternoon, after returning from rehabilitation. Ashley realized a wreath on their door was missing, and got a gut feeling.

"Just that sickening feeling of something's wrong here and I pushed the door and it swung open," said Ashley.

Stolen was nearly $500 that the couple received after a fundraiser was held on Monday at an ice cream store. It was laying on the couple's kitchen table.

"And when I first realized it was gone, my heart hit the ground because people sacrificed and decided to donate that money," said Scott.

The couple would have used the money for mounting medical bills and just surviving the next several months of Scott's therapy.

In March, the third-year medical student was finishing a rotation in Cottonwood when he hopped on his bike for a 20-mile training ride.

It ended in an accident that left Scott in a coma. He suffered an epidural hematoma, blindness in his right eye, multiple facial fractures and numbness in his right hand and leg.

Since then, he's been in rehab four days a week.

"It's been really hard for me because I have a lot of difficulties with word finding. Also I was a huge athelete before," said Scott Moore, an experienced marathon runner and triathlete.

And while the couple needs all the help they can get - she can't work because his eyesight prevents him from driving right now - their concern is for whoever broke in.

"That's just stuff. Unfortunately it's expensive stuff. But what really would be lasting for us is if that person changed their life and changed where they're heading," said Scott Moore.

If you would like to help the family financially, go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a donation under the "Scott Moore Recovery" account.

For Scott's blog and latest information visit http://scott-recovery.blogspot.com.

If you have any information about the break-in call Glendale Police.