Queen of Clean: How to keep your bedding clean and fresh

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• Use a plastic mattress pad on mattresses in kids rooms and on yours too if the little ones come into bed with you in the night. Cover it with a cotton mattress pad and it will not be hot or noisy to sleep on. This is good for guest rooms too.

• Wash sheets weekly in the hottest water for the fabric. Use ¼ cup of white vinegar in the rinse to soften the sheets. You don’t want to use softeners and sleep on chemicals 365 days a year.

• Wash mattress pads at least bi-monthly

• Put pillow protectors on pillows to keep them clean and sanitary. Believe it or not almost everyone drools a little in the night. Wash the covers monthly when you wash the sheets.

• Wash blankets and washable covers bi-monthly

• Use covers on down comforters etc. You can remove the cover to clean it without doing the entire comforter.

• To freshen down comforters, bedspreads, pillows, accent pillows etc, put in the dryer on air fluff. This is great if your pets sleep with you. Toss a couple of new, clean tennis balls in with comforters, pillows etc to fluff them up again.

• Vacuum mattresses monthly running the vacuum over the mattress like it was carpeting. Use the VacUFlex (VacUFlex.com) to vacuum crevices and edges to remove dust mites, dry skin, etc.

• If your sheets wrap around each other in the dryer, wash the set together, but dry the fitted sheet alone and then the flat sheet and pillow cases. This will also help with wrinkling.

For more cleaning information go to www.queenofclean.com.