One-two punch of dust hits Valley drivers

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- Just in time for rush hour, thousands of drivers were caught in a dust storm that packed a punch in the Valley.

"On my way home it was so thick on the freeway I couldn't hardly see the car in front of me," said Nancy Thompson, who was on the road for the first round Wednesday evening.

Visibility plummeted as the storm crossed the Internet 10 at Elliot Road. The winds picked up as the cloud of dust started to push northeast.

But the Monsoon wasn't done for the day.

Thompson was right in line for round two, moving into the southeast Valley around 7 p.m. This one brought more consistent winds, and more dirt and debris than the first.

What it didn't bring is the rain Thompson's daughter-in-law couldn't help but hope for.

"Every time! Yeah, we always want rain," said Hollie Thompson. "It's the desert!"

But for most of us the payoff wasn't rain - it was more work.

"I left my Arcadia door open so my dog could get in and out and I figure my house is full of dirt now," said Thompson. "And I actually cleaned it this week!"