Things to leave off your resume

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PHOENIX -- Searching for a job can be tough. But, many agree that it's your résumé that can make or break any opportunity.

When it comes to creating or modifying your résumé, experts suggest leave off the objective. Objectives are considered outdated, and much of what they say can be included in your cover letter anyway.

Another thing to leave off is your photograph. Unless you’re applying for a modeling or acting job, pictures are just unprofessional. 

When typing up your résumé, leave off fancy designs. Employers are interested in your skills and achievements and how you can contribute to their company. Designs are just distracting.

Never include your salary. Including your past pay makes you appear naïve and also diminishes any negotiating power later on. 

References available upon request should never be included in a résumé, it takes up valuable space.

Any mention of high school needs to be left off. Experts say employers don't care what high school you went to or your accomplishments in school.

Extra pages should be left off, too. Remember, employers usually review your résumé in 30 seconds or less, anything more than a one-page résumé could hurt your chances, even if you've been working for years.

And, finally, if you're a college graduate, of course include that. However, you might want to leave off the year you graduated. A graduation date could be an indicator of how old you are, and experts say age is something you might want to avoid.