Ori's Firehouse

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A Valley boy spends his days in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices getting treatment for his battle against childhood leukemia. Still, he's got a huge smile on his face these days, thanks to some Phoenix firefighters.

Like many boys his age, 5-year-old Ori Wright loves fire trucks, lights and sirens. But he also knows his stuff. He can tell you the difference between engines, ladders and rescues, and even knows the names of different firefighters and crews around the Valley and what shifts they work on.

Ori dreams of one day joining the ranks of the Phoenix Fire Department. So, it's no surprise that when Ori was granted a wish through the Make A Wish Foundation, he asked for a special tree house that could be like a fire station of his own.

Phoenix firefighters jumped into action. The crews from Engine 27 and Rescue 27 made Ori's wish come true with a fire station treehouse that includes a fire pole, steering wheel, and even a siren. They even had special turnouts made for Ori and his little brother. After the house was finished, the crew of Ladder 37 showed up to take Ori and his dad up in the bucket to make Ori feel like a real firefighter.

Ori has gone through chemotherapy to battle his leukemia, but unfortunately has had a relapse. To lift his spirits, his parents and local firefighters are helping him put together a collection of photos featuring firefighters and fire trucks from around the country and world.

On days off from chemotherapy, Ori's parents take him to different fire houses to take tours.

On Wednesday, they stopped by Station 11 in Phoenix and were surprised with a special treat from the firefighters who built his treehouse, his own fire helmet. The smile on his face couldn't have been bigger.

If you'd like to keep Ori smiling and send him a picture of a fire crew and fire truck from another city, state or country, post it on the United Phoenix Firefighters Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/unitedphoenixfirefighters. Please include a brief description, including city and state, company number and crewmembers.