95-Year-old gets belongings back from Sun Grove Resort Village

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- Ann Graham, 95, is unpacking, and back at the place she says she never should have left.

Not long ago, Graham moved into a living facility that goes by the names Sun Grove Senior Living and Sun Grove Resort Village after getting a mailer advertising three months of free rent.

Graham said she was also promised she'd get the assistance she requires.

“So, it was a huge apartment for the same money so I took it!” she said.

Graham paid Sun Grove $1,600 upfront. However, after moving in, she said the assistance was less than what she was expecting.

She said if she had known that in advance, she never would have moved to Sun Grove.

“They didn't have to fib to me,” she said.

Within 24 hours of being at Sun Grove, Graham moved out and went back to her old living facility.

But, when it came to getting all of her belongings, she claims Sun Grove locked her out of her old apartment and held her stuff hostage.

“I couldn't sleep,” she said. “It's so frustrating when you're used to having control of your life and all of a sudden everything's taken away.”

Mark Fairall met his wife, Carol, while living at Sun Grove.

Like Graham, the couple moved out before their lease was up, claiming their apartment had a mold problem. Sun Grove sued them for unpaid rent and was awarded an $18,000 judgment.

The former residents said all seniors need to know what they're getting into when it comes to moving into any senior living center.

“Don’t go just by word of mouth or a friend’s referral,” Carol Fairall said. “Ask questions, ask lots of questions, and go over your lease with a fine-tooth comb.”

As for Graham, so far, she hasn’t been sued for moving out early. But after a few days, she says Sun Grove did return the items she claimed they kept.

The executive director of Sun Grove, Scott Green, denied the company prevented Graham from ever getting her stuff.

Green also said Graham was fully aware of the care their facility provided before she moved in.

Graham and her attorney are demanding her $1,600 be returned.