Photo tips for your summer vacation

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Summer is in full swing, and many of us will be enjoying the warmer months by taking a vacation.

Today’s technology makes it easy to take photos of your summer adventure, but taking the right photos can really add to your vacation experience.

David and Carol Porter from Roaming Boomers stopped by 3TV to provide a few tips to help people capture that perfect photo.

Before heading out on vacation, David Porter recommends practicing with your camera at home.

“People will show up and have an amazingly beautiful scene and just hope that the automatic feature on their camera does the job, and wind up disappointed,” Porter said.

The Porters said features like “scene modes” and “fill-flash” will also enhance your photos. They’re easy to learn with just a little bit of practice at home.

Many travelers plan to take the majority of their vacation photos with their smartphone. While phones are limited when compared to a digital camera, David Porter said they can still be a great way to capture your vacation.

He recommends finding a good application that will allow you to enhance the photos on your phone.

“There’s an app called Camera Plus, for example. It’s 99 cents and six million people use it, and so you can take a photograph that doesn’t look quite like you had hoped and put it through there and add some funky little things on there to make it look better,” David Porter added.

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