SB1070 ruling could come Thursday

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Hispanic media outlets statewide ran a 30-minute program, "Hoy Somos Arizona," or "Today We Are Arizona" Wednesday night, as the community waits for a Supreme Court ruling on SB1070.

The program aired simultaneously on 23 radio and television stations and websites. It focused on the effects the immigration law might have on the Hispanic community.

At the same time, volunteers staffed a phone bank in Phoenix for viewers with questions and concerns.

"There's fear out there and uncertainty," said Abigail Duarte of Mi Familia Vota. "How it's going to affect their family, for example."

"We'll be able to refer them to the right attorney, whether immigration or criminal attorney," added Lydia Guzman, Director of the Respect-Respeto organization. "We have folks saying, 'I'm a citizen, but Hispanic, do I have any rights?'"

"They want to know how 1070 will be implemented and affect their rights," said Daniel Rodriguez of Somos America. "And we also have a lot of citizens who want to know if they'll have to carry papers now."

The staff at the phone bank is ready to answer more calls as soon as the Supreme Court decision is announced.