PD: armed men arrested after they force their way into home

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PHOENIX -- Three men were arrested early Wednesday morning in connection with an armed burglary and kidnapping in Phoenix.

Christian Navarro, 18, Armando Vizcarra-Torres, 20, and Juan Carlos-Navarro, 26, were taken into custody after they allegedly forced their way into a home and demanded money and jewelry.

Witnesses called police just after midnight when they saw a Toyota Tundra circling their neighborhood. The truck eventually stopped at 7100 W. Monterosa St. and one of the suspects knocked on the front door and spoke to an 18-year-old female who was inside.

While the man spoke with the teen, witnesses said two other suspects in dark clothes and ski masks forced their way inside the home.

Police established a perimeter around the home and brought in the Tactical Support Bureau.

The suspects refused to leave the house, but one of the men eventually walked out holding hands with the girl who answered the door. The two other suspects subsequently exited the residence.

Police went on to discover that the suspect who knocked on the front door had attempted to convince the 18-year-old that they knew each other from a previous encounter.

The girl knew the suspect was lying, and refused to let him in. However, while she was at the front door, another suspect made his way in through the back and put a gun to the teen’s head and told her to unlock the door.

While inside, the men demanded money and jewelry from the people inside the home. They also reportedly called for help to “shoot it out” with police so they could escape.

One of the men eventually forced the teenage victim to hold his hand as he walked out of the house so he could try to avoid arrest by pretending to be the girl’s boyfriend.

No one inside the home was harmed during the incident.

Investigators found ski masks, four handguns, a rifle, flashlights, and a bullet proof vest at the scene.

Authorities have also tied Navarro, Vizcarra-Torres, and Carlos-Navarro to at least two similar robberies.