Motorcyclist chased 8 miles in road rage incident

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man is recovering from an apparent road rage incident that ended when the other driver rammed a car into his motorcycle.

Adam Cochran was riding his Harley Davidson home from work on Interstate 17 near the Rose Garden exit when he glanced in his mirror and noticed a man in a 4-door, champagne colored sedan.

“As soon as I saw him making eye contact with me in his mirrors, I knew he had it out for me for me for some reason,” said Cochran.
Cochran is not sure what he did to anger the man in the sedan, but he followed him in the next lane over for approximately eight miles.
“It looked like he was shaking his fist out the window a lot at me. I just tried to keep my cool, not react,” said Cochran.
Cochran decided his best bet would be to exit the freeway, and he ended up at the intersection of Northern and 27th Avenue. That’s where the other driver raced ahead of him and slammed on his breaks in the middle of the intersection.
“He got up onto the pedestrian crosswalk and actually got up out of his car and wanted to I guess, settle it there,” said Cochran.
He says he told the man to drive away, but he hopped back into his car and drove it directly into Cochran’s motorcycle.
“It felt like a Hollywood movie in a sense, where you see the other driver take the wheel and drive it into the other vehicle but it was me on a motorcycle and at that point I just went flying,” said Cochran.
The other driver sped off, and multiple witnesses rushed to Cochran’s aid. Cochran was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for back, arm, and knee injuries.
Fortunately, his helmet and newly installed crash bars bared the brunt of the accident.
“I just hope people hear my story and think twice about getting angry on the road,” said Cochran.
Phoenix Police are investigating the incident. So far they have few leads because no one managed to get a license plate number. However, if they do catch the driver, he faces aggravated assault charges.
Police describe the car as a 4-door, champagne colored sedan, possibly a Nissan Altima, a Lexus, or an Infinity. The suspect is described as a 6-foot tall Caucasian man, with blond, curly, balding hair and a very thin build.
Anyone with information is urged to call Silent Witness at 1-800-343-8477.