Cleanup continues for families impacted by Gilbert Fire

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

GILBERT, Ariz. -- The cleanup is far from over for families impacted by Monday's massive warehouse fire in Gilbert.

The Robbs, who live in the El Dorado subdivision, had a front-row seat to the raging flames and series of explosions until they were evacuated.

On cell phone video shot by Wes Robb, the explosions sound like bombs going off.

When the family was allowed back in to their house Monday night they found debris and ashes all over their property.

Toxic fumes seeped inside the home and left all of the clothing, linens and carpets reeking.

"The smell is awful," said Wade Klein, 13, who suffered bad asthma attacks because of the fumes.

His mother, Traci Robb, said the entire family was suffering bad headaches because of the fumes.

The family's insurance company sent a professional cleaning service to remove all of the clothing and linens for cleaning.

On Tuesday Gilbert Fire investigators ruled the cause of the fire was a cigarette.

"It makes me angry, because it's a lot of headaches for me and my neighbors," Traci Robb said. "I think in this state, with the amount of dry seasons we have people should be a little smarter about their cigarettes."