Video released of inmate death at Fourth Avenue Jail

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- The family of a man who recently died at the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail in downtown Phoenix has hired an attorney.

“I think it's worthy of investigation,” said attorney Joy Bertrand.

Bertrand watched a snippet of video taken from hundreds of hours of footage caught on camera inside the jail.

The video was released Tuesday and showed Raymond Farinas, 40, in the jail earlier this month.

He was arrested for misconduct involving weapons.

Farinas’ family said he was waiting to be released on bond when he died.

“What they want first and foremost is answers to what happened to Mr. Farina's that night,” said Bertrand.

Around 1:00 p.m. on June, 3rd 2012 the video showed Farinas walk towards his cell but he doesn’t go in.

He walks away a second time then finally enters the cell.

Around 4:40 p.m., just a few hours later video showed a deputy peer into the cell through the window.

The deputy asked his cell mate to leave and sit at a table nearby.

The deputy then radio's for help.

At least 10 minutes later the paramedics arrive at the cell and remove Farinas, who is shirtless.

The paramedics perform multiple chest compressions on him.

Farinas is then lifted onto a gurney and wheeled out of the room.
Bertrand said the video raised more questions than answers and was not cut and dry.

The family said deputies told them Farinas choked on a peanut butter sandwich.

“He was lifelong allergic to peanut butter. There is no way he would have come close to it,” said the attorney.

Bertrand said photos of his body show bruising and swelling near his ear and throughout his body.

Some of the photos were too graphic to show on television.

According to the Medical Examiner's Office, the Farinas autopsy is pending and the cause and manner of death are not known at this time.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's spokesperson said the Sheriff was not commenting Tuesday on this ongoing investigation.