Southwestern Crab Salad from Z'Tejas

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4 or 5 each romaine hearts leaves and asparagus spears that have been blanched
Italian vinaigrette
2 oz. fresh peeled cucumber
2 oz. diced crab meat
2 oz. avocado
2 oz. fresh diced grape tomatoes
1 fried/hard boiled egg cut in half

Place lettuce leaves and asparagus spears in a small mixing bowl and add dressing. Lightly toss to coat. Set aside until later.

Using a chilled plate, place 3.5-inch road cutter ring (available at most stores that carry specialty kitchen products) on the right-hand side of the plate. Place the avocado in the mold and spread evenly to form the base of the stack.

Next, spread the grape tomatoes evenly over the avocado and then place the diced cucumber on top. Finally, top the mold with crab meat.

Leaving the ring in place, first place the romaine leaves on the left hand side of the plate next to the crab stack.

Carefully remove the ring mold and gently bunch the assparagus spears and lay over the romain and crab stack with the tips pointing out.

Place the hard boiled egg to the side.

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