Arizona Lavender Festival set to begin

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CONCHO, Ariz. -- There's a place in Arizona where you can go and pick your own lavender.

The Red Rock Farms in the northern Arizona town of Concho is home to 120 acres of lavender bushes. It boasts twelve different varieties of lavender bushes, totaling about 45,000.

The Farm’s world-renowned, annual Lavender Festival is coming up. It takes place from June 21 to July 1. 
Owners, Mike and Christine Teeple open up their farm to the public every year. This allows folks to go up and enjoy the fragrant grounds and get their lavender fix.
Red Rock Farms was Arizona’s first commercial lavender grower. It’s been in operation since 1998 and is considered to be one of the largest growers of lavender in the western hemisphere.
Originally the farm was going to grow organic vegetables, but the lavender bushes the Teeple’s planted thrived in the White Mountains.  Thus, Arizona’s annual Lavender Festival came to be.
Not only can you pick your owner lavender for a certain fee, but you can also buy picnic baskets and enjoy lunch among the lavender.
The Teeples say lavender is used for a variety of reasons. It’s used in beauty products, lotion, soaps and massage oils. It’s also used for dried floral arrangements, fragrant sachets and even for cooking.
For more information on Arizona’s Lavender Festival, you can visit the Red Rock Farms website at