Tips for your home, vehicle during monsoon season

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Monsoon season officially kicked off on Friday, meaning Arizona residents need to start preparing for high winds, heavy rain, and plenty of thunder and lightning.

Fortunately, John Candaso with AAA Arizona said there are a few easy steps people can take to make sure their home and automobile aren’t damaged during a storm.

One easy step for homeowners is to make sure that all outdoor furniture and fixtures are secured so that they don’t blow into your house.

Trees can also be a danger during storms, which is why Candaso advises people to stake and prune all the trees in their yard.

“Branches can cause damage to your home by wind striking it, and also limbs falling on the home as well,” Candaso explained.

Candaso said Arizona residents should also plug their electronics into surge protectors, and make sure they’ve reviewed their homeowner’s policy.

Our cars are also in danger during monsoon season, and they need to have their brakes, lights, tires and windshield wipers inspected.

Just like with our homes, Candaso said it’s also important to review your auto policy as monsoon season gets under way.

“The bottom line is that the best thing to do is at the beginning of monsoon season it’s the perfect time to contact your agent and review those coverages to make sure you have what you need,” Candaso added.