Valley woman wonders if rebate offers are worth it

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PHOENIX -- Shannon Daughtry likes finding great deals when she shops. So, when she found an item called a Pan-digital photoframe, she knew it would be the perfect gift for her mom.

"The price was normally around $70 to $80 depending on the size of the frame you get," Daughtry said.

The frame was a bit pricey, but what persuaded Daughtry to buy it was a $30 rebate that was being offered with the purchase. 

All she had to do was fill out some paperwork and send it to PanDigital, which she did right away.

"They want it mailed in before a certain time," Daughtry said. "You have to have the UPC bar code symbol and the receipt, and then you fill out the form and mail it in and hope everything goes right."

Well, Daughtry said everything didn't go quite right because now more than six months later she still hasn't seen that rebate.

"Too much waiting and I don't even think you get them anymore," Daughtry said.

3 On Your Side contacted PanDigital, which apologized for the delay and said they are usually very quick on rebate returns.

However, because of 3 On Your Side's involvement, they overnighted Daughtry a check and we appreciate that. 

But, it's not so much the money that frustrates consumers like Daughtry, it's rebates in general.

Sure, rebates make purchasing items a little more appealing, but for some they're a lot of work.

"You have so many steps to follow in order to make it work, is it really worth it?" she asked.

That's what many consumers wonder. There is a statistic that claims 25 percent of rebate users actually forget to send in their rebate or are just too lazy to fill out the paperwork and mail it in. 

Think about that the next time you're attracted to a product with a rebate offer.